Greene County Commission Approves Lowering The City's Property Tax Rate

Tuesday, August 20, 2019
by Reid Seals

The Greene County Commission approved at their meeting on Monday changing the property tax rate for Greeneville.

In June, the property tax rate for Greeneville was raised by sixteen cents to make it equal to the property tax rate for the county. The county property tax rate remained the same.

After going into closed session, the Commission voted on Monday to lower the inside tax rate for the city by three cents so that it will be $1.98 compared to the county's rate of $2.01. The three cent difference will be used to fund education debt.

The Commission passed this twelve to nine, with Tim White, Josh Arrowood, Kaleb Powell, Brad Peters, Clifford "Doc" Bryant, Bill Dabbs, Josh Kesterson, Jeffrey Bible and Butch Patterson voting against.

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