Tusculum Board Of Mayor And Commissioners Proceed With Speed Enforcement Program

Tuesday, November 29, 2022
by Jennifer Castillo-Gervasi

The Tusculum Board of Mayor and Commissioners met last night and Chief Danny Greene provided the board with an update on the survey for the Photo Speed Enforcement Program.

Blue Line Solutions did a survey of three different school zones, Doak Elementary School, Chuckey-Doak Middle School, and Chuckey-Doak High School. Chief Greene has taken on the project and handed out the additional surveys, which showed there is still excessive speeding even during normal hours, with schools being closed. The next step is for the Chief to set up a meeting, possibly after December, where Blue Line Solution and the board can sit down together. A timeline would be discussed and any questions would be addressed at that time.

The board also swore in re-elected Tusculum Commissioner Mike Burns. Mayor Alan Corley and Vice-Mayor Barbara Britton were both voted in to be re-elected. Terms for Planning Commission Members Dale Landers, Teresa McCrary, and Eric Price, all were expiring, and they were also reappointed at last night's meeting.

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