Greeneville Board Of Mayor & Aldermen Approve Replacing Vehicle Detection Equipment

Wednesday, October 16, 2019
by Reid Seals

The Greeneville Board of Mayor & Aldermen approved replacing vehicle detection equipment on 11-E at their meeting on Tuesday.

Detection loops were installed in the traffic signals at 11-E and the Greeneville Commons and at 11-E and Bob Smith Boulevard. Detection loops are a wire in the pavement that is connected into traffic lights, which trigger the lights when a car trips the wire.

These detection loops have been disturbed through construction work and are currently no longer in place in these locations, which means the lights are timed and cars cannot trigger them.

Brad Peters, director of Greeneville Public Works, requested that they replace the detection loops with radar, which he said was more reliable and less maintenance. The cost is around $22,000.

The Board approved the radar.

The Board also approved the purchase of a traffic signal conflict monitor tester for Public Works at a cost of $10,707.

The Greeneville Board of Mayor & Aldermen will next meet on Tuesday, November 5, at 4:00 PM in the G. Thomas Love Boardroom at Greeneville Light & Power.

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