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David Crockett Birthplace State Park To Hold Multiple Events Today

Saturday, February 23, 2019

David Crockett Birthplace State Park will be holding multiple events today.

They will have candle craft today from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Learn how to make hand dipped beeswax candles from Ranger Dodson at Crockett Cabin and take home your own candles. $15 per person. RSVP at

The park will have "Corn Shuck Dolls: The Dolls with No Faces" today at 1:00 PM. Jackie Fischer will tell the Legend of the Corn Shuck Doll and will make some of the dolls. Spectators can participate at no charge. Fischer's dolls are $10. Meet at the outdoor kitchen at the Crockett Homestead.

They will have "Dutch Oven Cobbler" today at 4:00 PM. Learn about Dutch oven cooking and listen to live music. $2.00 per person. Meet at the Stonecypher Cabin. Register at First-come, first-served.

Finally, the park will have "An Evening at the Stonecyphers" today at 5:00 PM. Join rangers at the Stonecypher Cabin for music and stories from 19th century Greene County. There will be hot chocolate and coffee.

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