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Man Drives Off Without Paying For Gas

Monday, December 10, 2018
by Jim Miller - Radio Greeneville News

A man drove off without paying for fuel at a Greeneville gas station on Sunday, according to police.

The suspect walked into the Marathon Quick Stop on the Asheville Highway just before 7:00 Sunday evening to put gas in his truck. The man handed the clerk a credit card of the type that temp agencies give out to pay their employees, then went out to pump the gas.

The clerk went outside and got the tag number of the truck, then went inside and saw the man stop pumping and leave. The man had put $10 of gas into the truck, which was described as an older model compact-size pickup. The clerk ran the card but discovered that there were no funds available.

The suspect was described as a white male with a medium build and sandy hair, according to the report from the Greeneville Police Department.

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