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Greeneville Christmas Parade To Be Held Today

Sunday, December 8, 2019

"Songs of the Season" will be the theme for the 2019 Greeneville Christmas Parade this afternoon at 2:00 PM, according to an announcement by the Exchange Club of Greeneville and the Greene County Partnership. The parade, a project of the Greene County Partnership, is being coordinated by the Partnership and the Exchange Club of Greeneville.

The parade will be staged on Bohannon Street, turning left on North Main Street. It will then travel through the downtown area on South Main, proceeding to West Main and dispersing on to Carson and West Main streets at the intersection in front of Crescent School. Parents should make arrangements to pick up children riding floats in the vacant parking lots along West Main or in the staging area on Bohannon after the parade.

Emergency officials have also requested that all personnel driving emergency vehicles, including fire trucks, refrain from sounding their sirens in the parade. This excludes the law enforcement officials at the front of the parade who use their sirens to clear the streets and notify parade viewers that the parade is on its way.

All entries in the parade, other than elected officials, should enter the staging area from the 11-E Bypass on Burns Street. Elected officials should approach the staging area from Austin Street. Non-participating vehicles will not be allowed in the parade area.

All floats will be expected to arrive at the staging area on Bohannon Avenue no later than 12:30 today. Judging will take place at 1:00 PM. All other entries should arrive no earlier than 1:00 PM.

Due to the safety factor, all participants should be aware that candy and other items must not be thrown from floats and vehicles. Those who wish to distribute these items should have individuals walking the sides of the parade route handing the items to onlookers. In addition, there will only be one Santa Claus in the parade - the Santa on the fire truck at the end of the procession.

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