Man Found Dead At Greystone Road Home

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
by Jim Miller - Radio Greeneville News

A man was found dead and another man was hospitalized after an investigation at a home along Greystone Road late Monday night, according to the Greene County Sheriff's Department.

An Afton man and woman stopped at the home at 5770 Greystone Road around 9:00 Monday night to see if someone was home, and when the man knocked on the door he heard someone inside saying that he needed water.

The man climbed through the window and found 38-year-old Abraham Joshua Jones dead on the floor of the living room. Jones' father, Charles, who is unable to walk, was found in the next room leaning against a couch and said that he had been in the same spot for eight days.

EMS transported Charles Jones for treatment and the Criminal Investigations Department was called to the scene to conduct the investigation into the death.

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