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Oldies 1450, WSMG, wants to wish you and your friends and family a Happy Birthday!  We read the birthday list on-the-air each morning and  we display the birthdays daily on Adelphia Cable Channel 18.   Each day, we draw from the list for prizes.  Please use the form below to submit  birthdays.  If you have numerous birthdays, feel free to just drop us an e-mail at   Don't forget to include the name, address, and DATE OF THE BIRTHDAY on the form below or in your e-mail.  Please fill out the information below, read the Birthday Policy, and click "submit" at the bottom of the form.  Please include your e-mail address in case we need to contact you or verify the information.

     Their Name 
  Their address   
       The DATE 
    Your e-mail 

Please enter any additional comments here.

Birthday Announcement Policies:

  1. We do not read house numbers on the air or display them on Channel 18.  That information is solely used to mail our birthday winner a certificate for prizes.

  2. No ages are listed over 18 years old.

  3. No personal messages are added to our on-air or on-tv listing.

  4. No belated birthdays more than 5 days old.

Did you include the date and your return e-mail address?                                 


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