Peggy Ann  Bakery Breakfast Break
Each Monday afternoon we draw a winner for the Peggy Ann Bakery Breakfast Break. Then, on Tuesday morning, we deliver up to twenty-five biscuits and orange juice to you and your co-workers.  Enter by mailing your name, work address, and how many employees to the Peggy Ann Breakfast Break, c/o WGRV, Post Office Box 278, Greeneville, Tennessee  37744, or e-mail it to Or enter through our on-line feedback form .  Be listening for us to call your name as the winner of the Peggy Ann Breakfast Break from WGRV.

Listeners place letters in a puzzle in a manner similar to the games Hangman and Wheel of Fortune. Cash is awarded to the solver of each puzzle based on how many letters are put in the puzzle. Runs through the month of July.

CMA Awards Contest
Each year, the Country Music Association releases five nominees in twelve categories for their awards. WGRV offers a cash prize in our CMA Contest to the person who correctly guesses the greatest number of winners. An additional bonus is offered if all twelve categories are correctly guessed. Contest runs through the month of September up to the announcement of the winners. 2002 marked WGRV’s 30th annual CMA contest.

Turkey Contest
Each November, WGRV gives away a number of turkeys equal to our years on the air. In November of 2002, we'll give away fifty-six turkeys.  Winners guess who the “Turkey of the Hour” will be. The "turkeys" are recorded gobbles of the contest's sponsors.

June Dairy Days
June is Diary Month, and WGRV and the local June Dairy Days board give you the chance to win "Got Milk?" T-shirts and milk products, like 1/2 gallons of Flav-O-Rich Ice Cream from Food City on Snapp Ferry Road.