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WGRV/WIKQ/WSMG air the birthday and anniversary announcements each morning.  In addition, we display them daily on Cable Channel 18.   Please send us your birthdays or anniversaries via e-mail at   Don't forget to include the name, address, and DATE OF THE BIRTHDAY OR ANNIVERSARY in your e-mail.  Please read the Birthday Policy, before sending us your email message.  Please include your e-mail address in case we need to contact you or verify the information.

Birthday Announcement Policies:

1.      We do not read house numbers on the air or display them on Channel 18.  That information is solely used to mail our birthday winner a certificate for prizes.  Street names are displayed and read if submitted.

2.      No ages are listed over 18 years old.

3.      No personal messages can bee added to our on-air or on-tv listing.

4.      No belated birthdays.

5.   No nicknames please.


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