Appeals Continue By Lillelid Killers

Saturday, April 6, 2002
by Bobby Rader News Director

Vidar, Delphinia and Tabitha <a href=Lillelid died April 6, 1997. Only then 2 year old Peter survived." align="right">

Vidar, Delphinia and Tabitha Lillelid died April 6, 1997. Only then 2 year old Peter survived.

Today marks the five year anniversary of one of the most horrific murders in Greene County history.

It was on April 6th, 1997 that a Knox County family of four was kidnapped at an I-81 reststop, driven to a secluded road in the Baileyton area, shot and left for dead. Vidar and Delphinia Lillelid died at the scene. Their daughter Tabitha died the following day at a Knoxville hospital. Only then two year old Peter survived the shootings. He now lives with relatives in Sweden.

Six young people from Kentucky were taken into custody near the Mexican boarded in the families stolen van, and brought back to Greene County for trial. All five pleaded guily before the trial went to a jury, and are each serving three life terms without the possibility of parole. All have since filed various appeals, seeking to have their convictions overturned. To date, none of the defendants have been granted new trials.