Karen Howell Testifies

Wednesday, March 12, 2098

Karen Howell Thursday corroborated Natasha Cornetts testimony from a day earlier that it was Jason Bryant who shot the Lillelid family last April on Interstate 81.

Howell, one of the six Kentuckians facing life in prison without parole for their involvement in the crime, told the court Thursday that Bryant began shooting the family using one gun, then finished the job with the other.


Karen Howell was the third of the suspects to testify. Joe Risner is expected to take the stand today, and may be the last of six to do so. In addition to Riser, Dean Mullins and Crystal Sturgill have yet to take the stand.

The prosecution is seeking life without parole for all six. Defense attorneys are asking for the lighter of the two possible sentences, that being life with possible parole.

Depending upon the progress of today's testimony, formal sentencing could be held as soon as Saturday.