Natasha Cornett Testifies

Wednesday, March 12, 2098

Natasha Cornett says it was Jason Bryant who shot and killed the three Lillelid family members off interstate 81 in Greene County last April.

Cornett spent about five hours on the witness stand Wednesday, claiming she tried to prevent the deaths immediately after the kidnapping at the interstate rest stop, then when they arrived at Payne Hollow Lane minutes later.

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Then, despite her pleas, Cornett says Bryant did just that, using both guns in the process. In sharp contrast to Bryants testimony on Tuesday claiming Risner and Mullins did the shooting, Cornett said neither were involved in the shootings, although it was Risner, who took the family at gunpoint at the reststop.

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Earlier in the day, Cornetts mother Madonna Wallin admitted to a history of physical abuse with her daughter, and sexual abuse of Natasha by the man she had known as her father, only to find out at age 5, he was not.

Despite their rather rocky relationship, Wallin stands by her daughter, telling District Attorney General Berkeley Bell.

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Cornett spent much of Wednesday denying satanic worship implications made of her earlier in the case, claiming her former attorney, Eric Conn, urged her to make those claims for use in a possible insanity plea.

Cornett did admit however to talking to spirits, and blood letting and drinking of each others blood with defendants Bryant, Mullins and Karen Howell. Howell by the way, will be on the witness stand this morning.

It appears now as though testimony will continue through Friday in the case, with Judge Beckner saying sentencing could then be held on Saturday.