Lillelid Evidence Hearing

Tuesday, February 18, 2098
by Jamie Hamer

Over one thousand pieces of evidence were reviewed by prosecution and defense attorneys Tuesday for use in the Lillelid murder trial.

Both sides, and Judge James Beckner, spent most of the day reviewing those descriptions, striking redundant items, and ruling on objections and motions from the defense for certain items.

Judge Beckner ruled admissible several books of drawings done by 20-year old Edward Dean Mullins and clothing that contained gun residue from all the defendents except 20-year Joseph Risner were admissible as well.

Other items ruled admissible were certain articles of clothing worn by Vidar, Delphinia, Tabitha, and Peter Lillelid. Those pieces of clothing include items which show alledged gunshot wounds and tire marks, which District Attorney Berkeley Bell said could indicate that the victims had been run over with their own van sometime shortly before or after the slayings. Judge Beckner ruled as admissable children's toys found in the van when it was siezed in New Mexico. Defense attorneys had sought to have those items excluded as inflamatory and prejudicial to their clients.

Among the numerous items ruled inadmissable were articles of clothing for Peter and Tabitha Lillelid, and certain pictures of the bodies at the scene. Defence attorneys objected on the same grounds that the children's clothes, some soaked with blood, and pictures of the Lillelid's bodies at the scene of the alledged crime would be inflamatory and prejudical when viewed by the jury.

Jury selection in the case is scheduled to begin next Monday in Bradley County, with jurors then returning to Greene County to hear the case of the six suspects.