Last To See Victims Alive Will Testify

Thursday, January 9, 2098

Two of the last people to see Vidar, Delphina and Tabitha Lillelid alive will be testifying during a pre trial hearing in the case of their alleged killers next week. Defense attorneys have questioned the admissibility of identification of the suspects made by the Ross Sinclair family. The Sinclairs attended the Jehovah's Witness Convention with the Lillilids on April 6th, then stopped at the same rest area as the Lillilids on I-81 in Greene County during their return home to Knoxville.

The Sinclairs say they spoke with the Lillilids there and have told prosecutors they also saw the suspects at that rest area. Defense attorneys are questioning pictures used by the State in determining the identifications. Judge James Beckner wants to hear from the Sinclairs during next Tuesdays hearing before ruling on the defense motions to suppress that testimony.

As WGRV News first reported to you on Wednesday, Jury selection in the Lillelid murder trial is now scheduled to begin February 17th, a week later than originally scheduled. Judge Beckner said he expects jury selection to begin on that day, although another continuance is not out of the question, given a delay in TBI lab tests on DNA, gunshot and primer residue testing.

Six Kentucky youths face charges related to the April 6th shooting deaths of three members of the Lillelid family near Baileyton. None of the defendants are apparently planning to enter insanity pleas during the criminal phase of the trial, although council for Crystal Sturgill, Jason Blake Bryant and Natasha Cornett say they have not made final determinations about some factors relating to those matters in light of possible civil litigation.