Suspects Wave Extradition

Tuesday, April 9, 2097

There are two more breaking stories this hour in connection with the suspects in Sunday night's triple homicide in Greene County. All six persons being held in Arizona in connection with the shootings have agreed to waive extradition. This means when local and state authorities conclude their investigation in Arizona, plans will be made to transport the six back to Greene County. Those authorities left today.

Meanwhile, the youngest of the six suspects, fourteen year old Jason Blake Bryant, has been transported to the Southeast Arizona Medical Center for treatment of a gunshot wound. No other details were given. It is unknown at this time whether the injuries were sustained during Sunday night's altercation with the victims, during the trip to Arizona, or since the suspects were apprehended.

Roger Myers with the U. S. Customs in the Arizona/Mexico area says that the six, ranging in age from fourteen to twenty, three males and three females, were arrested without incident Tuesday afternoon near the Mexican Border.

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Detective John Huffine and TBI Agent Barry Brakebill left this morning en route to Bisbee, Arizona, where the suspects are being held in the Cochise County Jail. The six suspects have each been charged with three counts of felony murder during the commission of a theft in connection with the deaths of three members of a Knox County family. Myer said the suspects had already been in Mexico before being captured Tuesday in Douglas, Arizona. No weapons were recovered from the van during the arrest. However, until the van is processed, authorities are unsure whether any of the belongings of the victims were inside the van. Officials now say two weapons were used in Sunday night's shootings, a .25 caliber and a 9 MM pistol. Thirty-four year old Vidar Lillelid of Powell, his wife, twenty-eight year old Delphia, and their daughter, six year old Tabitha, died from their injuries. Three year old Peter Lillelid remains in critical condition at U. T. Hospital in Knoxville.