Friend Of Victim Testifies

Thursday, July 18, 2097

An eight year old friend of Tabitha Lillelid testified Thursday evening that a "Hello Kitty" locket, found on Karen Howell by Port Authorities in Arizona, looked like the one owned by Tabitha. Stephanie Arp told the court she last saw the locket in Tabitha's bedroom the Wednesday before her death. Earlier testimony showed the locket on a chain and a wallet were found in Howell's possession during a search by border authorities. Inside the billfold, testimony revealed, was Howell's ID, as well as two social security cards, one belonging to Howell, the other that of two year old Peter Lillelid.

While media attention remained heavy for Thursday's transfer hearing, as it was on Wednesday, the number of onlookers in the courtroom appeared to be down from the day earlier. Many of those in the courtroom were family members of either Howell or Bryant. One of Jason Bryant's aunts present for the hearing, fell outside the courtroom during an evening break and was transported by EMS to a local hospital for treatment of what was believed to be either a back or hip injury.