Juvenile Statements Ruled Inadmissable

Thursday, July 18, 2097

Several statements made by Karen Howell and Jason Bryant while at the Cochise County Detention Center and entered into testimony Thursday were later ordered suppressed by Judge Jerry Goodsen. Two juvenile facility officers, Supervisor Debbie Macken and Intake Officer James Buckle, testified of the comments made during general conversation with the juveniles, comments later ordered not sumbissable during the hearing based, in part, on defense attorneys' continued arguments about the comments as they pertained to the suspects' Miranda rights. Mackey testified after she told Jason Bryant that he was charged with felony murder in Tennessee, Bryant told her "I shot him in self defense. He was trying to rob me." Mackey said Bryant did not say who the "he" to which Bryant referred to was. Buckle, who questioned Howell about why she was at the facility, testified she said "They said I killed some people in Tennessee, but I didn't kill anyone, but I was present when they were killed." On suppression of these and other statements made during the hearing, General Bell commented:

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