Courtroom Security

Wednesday, July 17, 2097

Security remained tight both in and outside the courtroom during Wednesday's proceedings. Although there were no major disturbances, Sheriff's Department personel removed the father of suspect Joseph Risner from the courtroom following the testimony of Cochise County Detention Center booking officse Shawn Ferrall. Ferrall, as he did during a Monday motion hearing, told of comments made by Risner and Dean Mullins during their booking procedures. Following Ferell's testimony, as court was being recessed, Risner's father said, in a sarcastic voice in Ferral's direction "Best to your family, son." While the comment went unnoticed by Ferrall, as most others in the courtroom, plain clothed officers quickly rushed Risner from the courthouse, with the directive not to return during the hearing. During a break in the morning session, some of the defendants' family members were able to talk to and even hug the suspects. That practice, however, was not allowed to continue in future recesses.