Murder Weapons Came From Kentucky

Wednesday, July 17, 2097

Investigators believe the guns which are thought to be used in the Lillelid murders came from Kentucky, the .25 caliber from the home of one of the juvenile suspects, Karen Howell, and the 9 millimeter from the home of a long time friend of Edward Dean Mullins. Karen Howell's father, Joe Howell, testified his gun and $500 cash were taken on April 6th while he was away. Phillip Jarrell, a friend of Mullins, testified that Mullins and the other suspects came to his home on the morning of the shootings and asked for a gun. Jarrell testified he told Mullins "You know where it is" but did not see him or anyone else leave with the gun. The younger brother of fourteen year old Jason Bryant testified he saw his brother and Natasha Cornett with guns in the Bryant home before they and others left in a blue citation. During morning testimony today, U. S. Customs inspectors Mark Springer and Margaret Balldenegro and Immigrations Inspectors Alma Luna and Bob Johnson described their participation in the capture and search of the six murder suspects near the U. S./Mexican border on April 8th.