Victims Keys & ID Found With Suspects

Wednesday, July 17, 2097

During morning testimony today, U. S. Customs inspectors Mark Springer and Margaret Balldenegro and Immigrations Inspectors Alma Luna and Bob Johnson described their participation in the capture and search of the six murder suspects near the U. S./Mexican border on April 8th.

Balldenegro testified she took a pocket knife from Karen Howell and a set of keys from Crystal Sturgill which Sturgill told her she didn't know whose they were or how they got in her pocket. In later testimony, Detective Sergeant John Huffine testified he later used the keys found on Sturgill to unlock doors at the Lillelid residence in Powell, Tennessee. Keys were also found in Risner's possession by Arizona authorities, keys that Huffine said he later used during his investigation to start the 1984 Chevy Citation found abandoned at the murder scene.

Agent Luna testified she found, among other things, two wallets on Natasha Cornett. Items found in what Luna says Cornett described to her as a "shared wallet" were ID's of both Cornett and Risner and a social security card for Tabitha Delphinia Lillelid. District Attorney General Berkeley Bell said he felt good about the preliminary hearing and looks forward to the next stage of the case.