Victims Names Released

Sunday, April 7, 2097

It appears as though a Knox County family of four returning from a religious convention in Johnson City were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time prior to a Sunday night shooting which left three of the family dead and one critically wounded. Sheriff Terry Jones this morning identified the victims in Sunday night's shooting as thirty-four year old Vidar Lillelid, his wife, twenty-eight year old Delphinia, their daughter, six year old Tabitha, and their son, three year old Peter, the only family member still alive. The Lillelids' lived on Erwin Road in Powell, Tennessee. A pager found on Mr. Lillelid's body helped authorities identify the family.

According to Sheriff Jones, four to six suspects in their mid to late twenties, and all believed to be from Kentucky, are the subjects of a nationwide manhunt. Although their names have not yet been releases, Jones says that warrants for their arrest may be issued as early as this afternoon. The suspects may still be driving what authorities are now describing as a cream colored 1987 Dodge van stolen from the victims following the shooting. The van could have either a Kentucky or Tennessee license plate.

Authorities believe the victims were returning from the Jehovah's Witness Conference at Freedom Hall in Johnson City when they stopped at the mile marker thirty-six rest area, about three miles from where the shootings took place. Authorities believe the suspects carjacked the family at that location, then took them to Payne Hollow Lane, approximately one mile north of Baileyton, where the shootings took place. Jones said this morning he does not believe the victims knew their assailants. Authorities now say the family was driving a cream colored Dodge Van, a vehicle taken by the suspects after the shooting. The Chevy Citation they had been driving was recovered from the murder scene. The car is registered in Paintsville, Kentucky, but the owner is not a suspect. In response to questions this morning Sheriff Jones said the investigation did not find cult related evidence at the crime scene, nor any reason to suspect at this time that any type of satanic rituals were involved in Sunday night's incident. Jones did say, however, that he has heard unconfirmed information that the suspects were involved in such activities.