Cornett Sues Judge Carter

Tuesday, April 30, 2097

Baileyton triple murder suspect Natasha Cornett has filed a suit against Sessions Court Judge James Carter for the right to have her Kentucky attorney allowed to represent her. Carter removed Eric Conn as Cornett's attorney earlier this month, citing his non-compliance with Tennessee rules. Cornett is seeking an injunction to stop two new attorneys appointed by the judge from acting on her behalf. She also wants Carter to give Conn more time to get another Tennessee attorney to help him on the case.

In other news concerning the April 6th murders of three members of the Lillelid family near Baileyton, Greene County authorities say autopsy results show the father, Vidar Lillelid, was shot six times in the head and chest. His wife, Delphinia, was shot eight times in the body with gunshot wounds breaking her leg and arm. The autopsy on six year old Tabitha Lillelid has not yet been completed.