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Microsoft Office 2000 for Windows for Dummies Even with their elaborate and helpful user interfaces, you can always use additional support for Office 2000 applications. We have the books that will help you become more competent and comfortable with using this new version of Microsoft's application suite.

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WORD 2000

Teach Yourself Microsoft Word 2000 Visually What, in a word, is new about Word 2000? It's "Web-ified"! This industry-standard word processor has gone through a number of changes and acquired numerous enhancements. As far as Word 2000 is concerned, Redmond has named 2000 the year of Web functionality, so you can get those "dot docs" online. 

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Building Applications With Microsoft Outlook 2000
Technical Reference With these books on Office 2000, IT managers can learn how to integrate and customize each of the applications to the real world. Find out how to build anything from macros to development tools to streamline your day-to-day processes. 

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Microsoft Access 2000 Bible The new version of Access--Microsoft's best selling relational database system--furnishes more Internet-related functionality. We've got a fine list of guidebooks filled with information and tips on managing your data with this tool. 

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EXCEL 2000

Excel 2000 for Windows for Dummies In terms of presenting data visually, Microsoft's bellwether spreadsheet program Excel 2000 turns digits, dates, and text into valuable information. Master the powerful features of Excel 2000 and deliver enhanced statistics for your business or project. 

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OFFICE 2000 

Mastering Microsoft Office 2000 Professional EditionWhether you dabble in Microsoft Office or you're an advanced user, a handy reference within arm's reach can help you make the most of your time. As with any just-released software, you'll understand the new features of Office 2000 best by perusing some of these fine reference guides. 

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Outlook 2000 VBA Programmers Reference Outlook 2000 was created to help you manage your electronic mail, faxes, address book, time, and--let's face it--life (and not necessarily in that order). Find out how to get better organized, and keep up on your electronic correspondence, with books about this favored time-management program.

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Official Microsoft Frontpage 2000 Book If you don't have time to learn HTML, and not finding the right WYSIWYG Web page editor keeps you from creating a great Web site, you would do well to look at the new version of Microsoft's Web authoring software. FrontPage 2000 will give you the tools necessary to construct dynamic and visually impressive Web sites. 

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