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HTML4 for the World Wide Web HTML 4 for the World Wide Web
by Elizabeth Castro


The acclaimed bestselling visual guide to learning HTML has been updated to cover all the new HTML tags for HTML 4. Perfect for beginners, this book presumes no prior knowledge of HTML or even the Internet. It uses clear, concise instructions for creating each element of the Web page, from titles and headers to creating links and adding tables, frames, forms, and multimedia. Full-color foldout chart.

No programming skills are required to learn from this resource.  It also includes a handy color index on the back cover!

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HTML4 for the World Wide Web HTML 4 for Dummies
by Ed Tittel, Steve James, Steven N. James, Stephen N. James
This bestselling, updated reference not only gives users details on HTML commands, syntax, and extensions to build Web pages and develop a Net presence, but it also highlights new HTML 4 enhancements such as frame improvements, script style elements, and improved Web access for users with disabilities. The CD-ROM has examples from the book, plus a basic HTML editor and templates. .

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HTML: The Definitive Guide HTML: The Definitive Guide
by Chuck Musciano, Bill Kennedy, Mike Loukides (Editor)
HTML: The Definitive Guide is aimed at beginners as well as those who have more practice in Web-page creation. The authors assume at least a basic knowledge of computers, including how to use a word processor or text editor and how to deal with files. They teach you that learning HTML is like learning any other language and that reading a book of rules can only take you so far. Readers begin writing what may be their first Web page just two pages into the book's second chapter. From there on, they provide a wide range of HTML coding to allow readers to learn from good examples. The book includes a handy "cheat sheet" of HTML codes for quick reference. --Elizabeth Lewis

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